Back in 2010, after getting a little too excited about the Birkie (as usual), I wrote a long blog post as a guide to the Birkie. A few people read it, I skied the race, moved to New Hampshire to work in the mountains, and mostly forgot about it.

Come 2011, I was living in Boston, racing mainly 6ks on Tuesday nights, and had $300 plane ticket to fly out the Birkie. I realized that someone who'd never skied the race in that position would have no idea what to expect. So I made a few changes, re-posted the blog post (as v. 2.011), let Skinnyski and Fasterskier know about it, and let the accolades roll in.

Okay, there weren't that many accolades. But I got enough feedback from folks at the Birkie and elsewhere—Johnny Klister called it "remarkably good" (and Johnny Klister hates everything, well, not hates, but makes a lot of fun of)—that I decided, since I had done some of the work anyway, and kept playing with Birkie info, data and, well, sometimes on the trail itself, I'd pull it together in to a full-on website.




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