They’re running in Unix Time

An obscure Simpsons quote notwithstanding, it’s time for me to brush up on Unix time. Why? Because I have a dataset with close to 20,000 rows of Birkie data, and the split times are in Unix time. It’s exact, yes, but kind of kooky to sort in to real-life time.

In any case, look for data updates in coming days. Data!

Updates: we’re getting some really fun data for the number of people each skier passed and was passed by, split data, and the like. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “They’re running in Unix Time

  1. I think the Timing company had issues as well. My time went from 2:30 to 4:48 to 3:48,before finally settling at 3:30, which is how long I was out there.

    • I believe they did. They switched to a new timing system (in-chip bibs) this year and I think it took longer to get things right than it should have. Having begun to run the data, there seem to be few, if any, issues left; there are only a couple dozen people with split time issues (and these are likely to be places where the sensors missed the split).

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