Weather Speculation: Birkie Meltdown?

No, no, we’re not about to lose two feet of base and have no race at all. But it might go above freezing before race day. For the past few model runs, we’ve seen a sign that it could hit 40 in Hayward the week before the Birkie. I know, right, 40! It hasn’t been 40 since November, basically. It looks like a few inches of snow this week, and then the potential warm-up next week.

What does this mean for the race? Well, it means that with 40, a bit of rain or ice and then a freeze, it might be a pretty solid race compared with what we’ve seen the past few years. How long it comes before the race will be interesting; a couple model runs have pushed the warm weather all the way to Friday, which would mean the potential for a slushy, not frozen race. I’m hoping for frozen or powdery. But time will tell.

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