Making it in, making it there

This guy made it in last night! Our flight was filled with Birkie chatter and ski bags (seriously, there were Birkie skiers in seats 11F, 13D, 17D and 17F—and judging by the number of ski bags at the coursel, a bunch more) so we must have gotten priority status from air traffic control, we took off on time and landed in to the blizzard in Minneapolis. A bumpy ride across the storms, but a safe and on-time landing. Not wanting to press my luck, I took the train and bus, and was asleep by 11.

I’m hoping my “cold” is due to wild temperature swings and travel. Hoping.

The roads look rough, so go slow and take your time. There will be time to drive fast after the race (maybe). See you all in Hayward!

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