An active pattern

Yesterday, we posted that the Birkie may relive its 2009-2010-era glory, with a sunny, springlike (well, 35˚ often seems like spring in Northern Wisconsin) finish.

Today, the models have changed. But not really for the worse. Nearly every model, in addition to advertising 2-5 inches of snow on Friday morning (mostly ending for the Korteloppet, but certainly keeping the grooming crew busy), has been showing a storm on Saturday, too. The timing is mostly post-race, at least for faster skiers, although those in later waves may encourage some flakes during their ski. Winds may be out of the east, a potential tailwind across Lake Hayward (I’m not sure this has ever happened, but don’t worry, it will still feel like a headwind) and by some counts, half a foot of snow, or more, on Saturday afternoon and evening. It’s hard to say exactly where and how much snow will fall, but it’s looking to cloud up in the morning and start snowing by afternoon if it does.

This may make the drive home after the race difficult, although the storm is advertised to move out by Sunday morning, so, stay in Hayward! Cheer in the snow! Grab some food, grab some beer, stay off the roads (especially if you’ve grabbed some beer), head up to Seeley or, well, or go to sleep early after the race.

If the American model is right, there may be three feet of snow on the Birkie Trail in the next two weeks, so the Fat Bike race will be in plenty good shape and there may be skiing until April.

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