The 2024 Birkie will be … something

So what’s happening with the Birkie this year? Rather than rehash everything here, I’ll direct you to the Birkie website, their youtube Q&A and suggest you listen to the podcast, since the most recent episode is all about the 2024 race plans.

Some TL;DR:

  1. Most of this is subject to change if the Birkie gets a significant snowfall between now and race day. No way to finish in town without water skiing, but a loop race is possible.
  2. For most skiers, an open track. For Birkie classic skiers, a race on Sunday. For Birkie skate skiers, different start times. For everyone, open track options on Thursday and Friday.
  3. No new timing for waves. Given 2021, the 2025 race will look back to 2020, 2022 and 2023 for wave placement.
  4. A big celebration area in Cable. Beer, brats and entertainment. Main Street just transported 50k north. (Except there may be beer hand ups at the laps rather than just on the lake.)
  5. Ski three laps and you get your pin.

Some discussion:

  • You could probably get some extra skiing in if you wanted, by skiing extra loops. I doubt they’ll pull people after 3 laps, with the exception of slower skate wave 1-2 skiers where they’ll need to clear the course for Jessie. (But you could go out and ski later, probably.)
  • You can definitely go out and cheer for the Supertour (i.e. Jessie) and get to ski your Birkie, which wouldn’t have been the case before the changes.
  • PH and Korteloppet skiers get just about the right amount of skiing in for their race. Birkie skiers get a bit less (other than elites).
  • The course will probably be flatter than the regular Birkie and probably faster. Please don’t snowplow the hills!
  • They’re taking the elevator shaft out of the course, not because it’s that hard of a hill, but because it scares people.
  • The region really needs you to come. Go get a beer in town. Get a pizza. The economy is suffering this year.
  • But if you can’t justify the travel, at least the airlines will generally give you a voucher if you cancel rather than having to hope for a weather waiver like 2017. Unless you purchased a “basic” fare. In which case, I can’t help you if you can’t first help yourself.
  • And come back in 2025!

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