There is still skiing. And no results.

In the northeast, there is skiing to be had. A surprise foot-and-a-half of snow last week prolonged the season; I’m slated to ski a 50k later this week. Last year, it was the last day of skiing, as the snow melted off the course during the race. It was followed by a week of temperatures in the 70s and 80s (!) which melted every last bit of snow in New England. In the midwest, reports are that there is skiable snow on the trails, with perhaps more to come. Duluth has two feet on the ground, and the UP may not melt until June. (And there’s no 2012-style week-in-the-70s coming there, either.)

This is all well and good, since I still don’t have results from the Birkie and there are still discrepancies. So, keep on skiing, and we’ll have data to pore over once the snow melts and you can sit outside with a mai tai and get a tan (July). And are we going to compare fat bike results with ski results? Will the new Pope be Catholic?

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