Weather Speculation: One week to go!

In a week, I’ll be in Hayward.

Let me take some ibuprofen; my fever has gotten high. And repeat:

IN A WEEK, I’LL BE IN HAYWARD. Say it with me. Again and again. There is no cure for the fever.

On to weather speculation. In the past day or so, the models have backed off of the very warm temperatures—to a degree. It looks like we won’t see temperatures breaching the 40 degree mark, and with cool nights the snow, if it transforms, will do so minimally. Then, there’s new snow. A few inches on Monday are likely. Then warmer Tuesday through Thursday.

After that is a wild card. The models have been flip-flopping, but a relatively constant theme is some snow. Some (the 00Z run of the Euro, for instance) have shown warm, wet snow the day before the race. Others (the 12Z GFS) show a cold front swinging through and more southeast weather system, which would bring several inches of cold powder during the race. But it could be a particularly white Birkie this year.

And it should be a nice ride for the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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