169 hours weather speculation

We are one week and one hour (and four minutes as I type) from the start of the Elite Mens freestyle race. One. Week. Away.

Here’s what’s going on with weather speculation.

The GFS has backed off of any real warm-up, and looks cold and dry for the race, with a few inches of snow midweek. It had been showing a “Panhandle Hook” type of storm before the Birkie, this is now delayed until Saturday evening and only a few inches of snow.

The ECMWF has the hook coming through on Thursday, and then colder weather for the race.

If I had to guess right now, I’d guess some fresh snow with some refreeze mixed in, temperatures at the start around 10. So it will probably be 30 and blizzarding; we’ll see.

(Anyone else catch MPR news drop the B-word yesterday?)

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