Weather speculation: Start waxing your softer skis

So after threat upon threat of a thaw seemed like a major possibility, recent guidance has pushed the freezing line southwards. It now appears that any warm temperatures in Birkieland will be minimally above freezing, quite possibly not enough to transform much snow. In addition, while the storm later in the week has been drifting off the models, a storm closer in—on Monday—should drop several inches of fresh snow on the course.

In other words: there will be a lot of snow on the course!

What we’re looking at are highs in the low 30s during the week—Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There’s then a chance of snow on Friday, and with it cooler temperatures, with highs in the 20s. This should allow the course to set up nicely, but likely with some new snow groomed in, so it won’t be an icy, frozen base. An early call for Saturday would be temperatures around 10, perhaps a slightly breeze from the northwest, and some lingering snow.

But this can, and will change. So wax up those softer skis. Or leave them for the pros (shameless promotion of advertisers, look to the left). Also note that if you need last-minute lodging, check this out.

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