Tuesday Weather Speculation

You know what, guys? It’s going to be a damn good Birkie.

The NWS has hoisted a winter storm watch, so we’re looking at six or more inches of snow. It will start off moist (base) and then get dry and powdery as it gets cold and the storm pulls off. Friday will be chilly and windy, and Saturday morning looks cold and dry. The race will probably start either side of 0. Wind briefs and buffs will be the order of the day.

It was 38 in Hayward today, and should be 38 tomorrow. A dry, sunny 38 which will just serve to put a few ice crystals in to the base. However, if there’s enough snow these might not even get tilled up, so the race should be powdery. Soft-medium flex skis will be in order with a fine grind. Fluoros if you must, but cold powder is Start Green.

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