Weather Speculation: two weeks to go

With two workweeks until the Birkie (including Presdident’s Day; it’s so close!) it’s time for another installment of weather speculation! Last week’s snowstorm dropped 6 to 8 inches of snow and pushed snow depths in to the foot-deep range, although the packed depth on the train is less than that. This definitely helped the long-term forecast for the Birkie! Sunday’s thaw in Hayward was moderate and short-lived, and it’s now cold with a bit of light powder falling. It looks to stay cold for the next week.

Over President’s Day weekend, temperatures will moderate somewhat. Not a huge thaw at this time, but highs closer to 0˚C than 0˚F (it may not clear 10 in Hayward from Monday until Sunday). It may get cooler again before the Birkie, but there is some long-range guidance which would point to a warming trend towards race day, possibly a cool morning with a warm afternoon (desirable) and possibly some sort of storm (less desirable). This is, of course, a long way out and is very, very likely to change, so don’t make your plans based on it quite yet.

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