In the media

There’s another Birkie article out there, this time in Afar Magazine, but still by Bill Donahue (his brother, Tim, is an Elite Waver, Macalester grad and Manhattanite; Bill wrote last in the WaPo¬†and previously about my coworkers in the huts, so basically he writes my life story). My main quip is that they have a list of “Birkie Enthusiasts” and I am not there. Has anyone read this site? (Probably not)

I’m not bitter.

Some updates

It’s getting that time of year again. Snow is flying in the Cities (I’m not jealous at all) and a friend just wrote me Direct Message on Twitter (I know, so fancy):

Birkie: Where do you recommend staying? Hayward? Any particular place? Also, how do we get to Cable? Shuttle buses?

The answer was basically “check the site.” But I realized that we could provide more of a service by having some high-level suggestions of what to do if you’re coming from far away and have never been to the Midwest before. So there’s a whole new page, Traveling from Afar, in The Guide. It should answer some questions you had (where do I stay? where to I fly? when should I travel?) and probably some questions you didn’t have but should (mainly about beer, the race is in Wisconsin after all).

We’ve also gone through and updated the rest of The Guide with preliminary information for 2012. Now we just need snow (and lots of it!).