Two months to go

Actually, less. In less than two months, we’ll head out and ski asfastaswecan from Cable to Hayward. If the race were held today, we’d be looking at some of the best skiing ever. This comes mostly from trail reports, Ben Popp and the Birkie webcam which I drool over about twice a day. It’s been snowing all month in Hayward and north (perhaps a bit more coming off the lake up in Cable) and temperatures last topped 32˚ on the 30th. Of November. Current weather patterns don’t look to moderate any time soon.

Two months is a long time, and anything can happen; February thaws and meltdowns are part of the deal. However, you’d much rather go in to a period of warmer weather with 18 inches of snow on the ground rather than brave it with a thin base. So keep up with your snow dance, but, almost as importantly, just dance around for some sustained cold weather.


I’ve been salivating recently. Not because of anything I’ve eaten, but because of the Birkie Webcam at OO. Conditions look gorgeous, and the early snowpack looks to stay in place at least through the New Year—hopefully it will grow and flourish. Ski reports I’ve heard have been fantastic, and I kind of wish I was headed to Birkieland even with a good thump of snow coming to the Northeast. Oh, well. We can’t all be lucky enough to live in Hayward.

Major fare sale to MSP

Flying to the Birkie from afar? If so, there is a major fare sale for flights in to MSP. Sun Country has posted fares under $200 from most cities round-trip, and Delta has matched most of these. These are non-stop flights right to MSP. This is a great deal, guys.

I’m seeing $178 from Boston and DC, $198 from NY and Seattle and $218 from San Fran. If you are booking air travel and have not yet done so, do it today.

You can thank me later.