Need a last-minute place to stay?

Because I know of one!

Back in my collegiate days, our lovely coach’s parents put us up in Drummond. Great, people, fantastic food, and a lovely place to stay. Someone had burned down their barn pre-Birkie a few years back (I won’t say who) but it’s since been rebuilt and is a lovely place to stay. (Plus, it has a pool table. Pool table!) It’s in Drummond, so it’s a 20 minute drive from Como Field, and as an added benefit you come in from the north, so much less traffic. They have reasonable rates for the Birkie, especially on such short notice, and I can not recommend it highly enough.

In other words, if I hadn’t lined up lodging already, I’d stay with Jim and Mimi. Interested? Email Jim at¬† If you’re otherwise planning to stay in a motel in Rice Lake or the middle school gym, this is well worth it.